Executive Team

James Herscot

"We have always prided ourselves on our ability to build, rehabilitate and manage property. We create living spaces that generate pride for residents and the surrounding communities."

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Andrew M. Chaban
Chief Executive Officer

"Participating personally on the national stage for many years, I can state without hesitation that Team Princeton is as passionate and determined a group of apartment professionals as I have encountered in my 20+ years in this business. It is truly an honor to work with this results-oriented team every day."

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Terry Flahive

"Generating revenue is the name of the game. To do so we must anticipate and react quickly to the changing economy while providing quality apartment homes to our residents. I’m a proud Pan Mass bike rider (190 mile Jimmy Find bike-a-thon). This ride reminds me of how lucky we all are and if we simply keep pedaling we will be successful in all our endeavors."

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Howard Reef
Chief Financial Officer

"In today’s turbulent financial marketplace, it is very comforting to know that Princeton’s debt and equity placements are attractively priced, secure and well-positioned for the future. I feel very fortunate to be a partner in this firm and to have witnessed and mentored the growth and maturation of many of our exceptional employees."

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Dayna M. Thomson
Senior Vice President & Director of Property Management

"I believe that life should be an adventure, but home should be a haven. It is enormously satisfying working with the various teams at Princeton to provide apartment homes that are a respite from the challenges and adventures of life."

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Daniel Endyke
Senior Vice President,
Development & Acquisition

"There are a lot of players involved in day-to-day property management, site acquisitions, and the development of new communities. And like any good point guard, I’m aiming to make sure that the right ones get the ball at the right time."

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Claire Collins
Vice President, Marketing & Education

"My job description in fewer than five words: Make Princeton Look Good. We want to be the most appealing choice in the apartment marketplace wherever we are, and that goes beyond good looks. Our snazzy advertising may draw you in, though it’s the great people who work here that make you want to stay."

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Sarah Greenough
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

"I'm a marketing and public relations enthusiast with a passion for new technology and not-so-sensible shoes. My focus on media development at Princeton Properties is extremely rewarding; we’re navigating through an exciting and ever-changing landscape to continually improve our residents’ experience."

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Jeff Brown
Corporate Counsel

"As General Counsel and a father of young adults with a high level of involvement in sports, it’s rewarding to see the same “team” approach at Princeton Properties. By applying the collective thoughts, talents & energies of several members of the management team allows me to best represent Princeton’s interests."

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Dick Bleakley
Vice President, Project Management

"I enjoy being a part of team Princeton with our focus on preserving and enhancing all the properties in Princeton's portfolio. We strive to make each of our communities a place where the residents are proud to call it home."

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