Pet Guidelines for Prospective Pet Ownership

We certainly understand how important it is to find a pet friendly apartment; your pets are a part of your family!  We've done our very best to keep your pets in mind!  Any resident who wishes to keep a companion animal will inform management in writing, complete the appropriate paperwork and pay a specific pet rent/deposit not to exceed one (1) month's rent.  Management reserves the right to check reference for the pet ownership.  If management feels a pet is inappropriate, management will inform resident.  A Lease Pet Addendum must be signed immediately by the resident.  All pet owners are required to control their pets via leash, pet carrier or cage.

Dog Breeds on the restricted list include (but are not limited to) the following full-breed or predominant breeds:


·        Pit Bulls

·        Rottweilers

·        Doberman Pincers

·        Mastiffs

·        Akitas

·        American Pit Bull Terrier

·        American Staffordshire Terrier

·        Staffordshire Bull Terrier

·        Bull Terriers

·        German Shepherds

·        Siberian Huskies

·        Alaskan Malamutes

·        Bulldogs

·        Wolf-dog hybrids

·        Chow-Chows

·        Great Danes

·        Boxers 


1.  A companion animal will be defined as a common household pet such as a dog, cat, bird, guinea pig, gerbil, hamster, rabbit or fish.  Reptiles and birds of prey are not household pets.  Pets, other than cats and dogs, shall have suitable housing, e.g. cages or aquariums.

2. There will be no more than two (2) pets total allowed per apartment.  In the case of fish, no more than one (1) aquarium with a 20-gallon capacity shall be allowed.

3. The mature size of dogs will be limited to a weight not to exceed 80 pounds.  Only resident dogs, approved by Management, will be allowed to be on property at anytime.

4. Dogs of a vicious or aggressive disposition will not be permitted.  Due to the age and behavioral activities of puppies and kittens, we are unable to accept applications for ownership of such young animals.  All dogs are limited to an age of no younger than one (1) year old.

5. All dogs and cats over the age of six (6) months must be spayed and neutered. 

6. Residents are expressly prohibited from feeding or harboring stray or wild animals.

7. The resident is responsible for providing management with the following information and documents which are to be kept on file in the resident's folder:

      a) A color photo and indentifying description of pet including name of pet(s)

      b) Veterinarian's name, address and telephone number

      c) Veterinary certificates of spaying or neutering, rabies and any other inoculations when applicable

      d) Dog licensing certificates in accordance with local and state law

      e) Alternative caretakers contact information, who will assume responsibility of the pet should the owner be away for more than 12 hours or incapacitated

      f) Emergency boarding accommodations

      g) Providing management with appropriate pet rent/deposit's to be held during the length of the tenancy.

      h) The resident is responsible for keeping management informed of any change of information.




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