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10 Activities for Summer Vacation

By now the kids are all out of school and summer vacation is in full swing! Some days it’s too hot to play outside and some days the rain interrupts our plans. Here are ten ideas for activities you and the kids can try to stay entertained until school starts up again!

1. Visit your local library! A lot of libraries offer summer activities for children like story time or sing alongs. Take the kids and register them for a library card if you haven’t already. While there they can rent a few books to read over vacation!

2. Play mini golf! Mini golf is a fun activity for both kids and adults. Many establishments offer other fun activities like ice cream, bumper boats and live music too.

3. Visit a zoo! Whether it’s a small petting zoo or a large zoo full of wildlife, the kids will be sure to enjoy seeing animals in their natural habitats.

4. See a matinee! On a day when the weather isn’t cooperating, take the kids to see a movie during the day. Lots of local theaters serve a variety of lunch foods too so you can have lunch AND a show all in one!

5. Check out an indoor or outdoor playground! Depending on the weather there are both options! Maybe even call some friends and have their kids meet you so a group of you can all play together.

6. Plan a day at an amusement park! What kids don’t love rides, arcade games and delicious food? An amusement park has a little something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

7. Enjoy a pool day! Whether you live in one of our apartment communities that has a pool or your town has a local one, sitting poolside is always a fun summer time activity.

8. Create some art! Whether you do this at home or head to a local paint shop or pottery making class, the kids will enjoy unleashing their inner artist during their time away from school.

9. Visit a museum! Keep their minds moving over summer vacation by taking the kids to a local museum. Lowell has lots of textile museums and there are children’s museums in Boston and Acton, MA!

10. Check out the aquarium! Sharks, fish, turtles and penguins! There’s plenty to see at your local aquarium. Some places even have shows you can attend once you get there so you can see penguins getting trained and fish being fed!