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Dog Days are Here !!!

Are you looking for a pet to bring home? I found a site that shows the top 50 most popular apartment dogs. It is a very big decision to bring a new loved one into your home. This informative website provides a couple of good options. Before making a big commitment make sure you have enough time to exercise with them, even small dogs need to be taken out for daily walks!

High energy dogs can comfortably live in an apartment if you continue to take them on long walks, bike rides or jogs. Know where your local parks and/or dog parks are; even consider a doggie daycare! Enough exercise is the key to keeping any dog stable and happy.

Before you start your search always check with your Leasing Office to find out what the policies are concerning breed, weight and age. Also, you may need to be aware of any additional deposits and fees. Most apartment communities do not accept dogs under the age of one year old. There are many different rescue leagues in your area that have older dogs just looking for a forever, loving home!!