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Don’t Fear Holiday Savings Tips are Here!!!

Quiana & Rhiannan at Highland Reserve Apartment Homes here in Atlanta Georgia would like to share with you some of our Holiday Saving tips. The holiday season can be joyous, hectic, celebratory — and expensive. They also say that “money is the root of all evil.” Whether this is complete truth or partial exaggeration, this statement has been proven many times throughout history. While you probably enjoy hosting family gatherings and giving presents to your loved ones, you’ll find these things even more pleasurable if they don’t add a lot more weight to your debt load. That’s why you’ll want to follow some smart money-management techniques.

•As a guiding principal, set a budget and stick to it.

•Be honest with your self about your financial situation. Do not make sacrifices for the Holiday’s that can be detrimental to your
finances later.

•You don’t need to find the most expensive presents or overwhelm recipients with the sheer volume of your gifts.

•Spread out your purchases, you may be able to pay for them from your normal cash flow. But if that’s not possible, you might
want to consider “plastic” — your credit card. Just try to minimize your credit card usage over the holidays and pay off your
card as soon as you can.

Finally, just relax its just the Holidays have fun, enjoy your loved ones and eat some great holiday treats. Just remember, following some common-sense money-management practices can help you get through the holiday season in financial shape. “Save more and spend less”. Follow this one guideline and you will get your new year off to a positive start.

Happy Holidays!!