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Popular New Year’s Resolutions – What’s Yours?

Taken from the website, here are some New Year’s resolutions that seem to be popular year after year. Have you made any resolutions? Are they on this list?

Popular New Year’s Resolutions:

• Drink Less Alcohol
• Get a Better Education
• Get a Better Job
• Get Fit
• Lose Weight
• Manage Debt
• Manage Stress
• Quit Smoking
• Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
• Save Money
• Take a Trip
• Volunteer to Help Others

Okay, now that you’ve made a resolution, how do you make it happen in the New Year? Taken from the website, here are a few suggestions for following through with your resolutions! Good luck and Happy New Year.

How to be successful:

The desire of improving, the commitment to outperform is somehow inherent to the human being. However, most of these resolutions fail. Making a resolution is not enough, you need to structure a work plan to be successful and define the resolutions with a well thought methodology. We can create this roadmap with the following 7 steps:

 Having the right mindset
 Category identification
 Selecting the resolution
 Quantifying the resolution
 Setting intermediate milestones
 Setting the tracking tool
 The tough decision: Abandon or persevere