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How to Prepare Your Home for House Guests

With the holidays quickly approaching it means we’ll be welcoming family and friends into our homes for parties and events. Eliminate the stress of last minute cleaning and preparation by getting ready for houseguests early!

1. Clean spare bedrooms or sleeping areas for overnight guests now. Wash bedding and vacuum carpets/floors.

2. Tidy up your entryway. Put away any items that are cluttering the area and leave plenty of room for guests to put their shoes and store their winter coats.

3. Refresh your bathrooms by refilling all toiletries. Wash the floors and clean all surfaces of the bathroom.

4. Guests never show up empty handed. Clear some space in your refrigerator and throw out old items. You’ll want plenty of room to store extra food and leftovers.

5. Check the exterior. Make sure your walkways are cleaned up and clear. Also check your exterior lights and make sure none of the bulbs are burnt out.

6. Stock up on breakfast items. You’ll want to offer coffee and juice to your guests first thing in the morning. Make sure you have all of the essentials so you aren’t running out to the store bright and early.