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Resolution Redux

New Year’s Resolutions. OK, ok, I’ve read the lists, and I’ve written my own lists, year after year. I mean to do the right things. I resolve and strive to be kinder, more patient, more forgiving…

But to be honest, it seems very unlikely that I am going to:

• Achieve more “balance” in my life
• Save more and improve my long term financial planning
• Clean and color code my closet (and purge those items that just don’t fit)
• Get back into my skinny jeans (see above)

The middle of January has already passed, the number of parking spaces at the gym is back to more or less ready availability, and (backsliders unite!) the likelihood of keeping resolutions so carefully and earnestly made at the beginning of the new year is fading from dubious, to seemingly unattainable.

So, because I am constitutionally unable to do all the things I should, instead I will focus on one thing. This one thing won’t improve my financial life, make me more organized, or assure any reduction in weight, but it will significantly:

• Reduce likelihood of my developing Alzheimer’s and dementia, diabetes, arthritic joint pain, or late-in-life fractures.
• Reduce anxiety and depression.
• Reduce fatigue.
• Reduce risk of death.

In short, I can dramatically improve my quality of life by not just resolving but doing one simple thing that is “limiting sitting and sleeping to just 23½ hours per day”.

The following link (with a quick 9 minute video presentation )is both fun to watch and compelling:

So, I am resolving just this one thing. Oh, and I am going to strive to be kinder, more patient, and more forgiving toward myself. And, to that end, I am getting rid of those skinny jeans…