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Tales My Mother Told Me

Sitting down to dinner recently, the topic of “Where did that come from?” came up when I blurted out, “See, that’s what you get; god is punishing you!” I know that sounds like a terrible thing to say, but the funny part is that it has been said many times over – and not by just me, but by my mom, my nana, and maybe even you.

So we all chimed in with tales our mothers told us:

1. If you have an itchy palm…money is coming your way.

2. If you have ringing in your ears…someone is talking about you.

3. If you swallow your gum…it will get tangled up in your ribs.

4. If you cross your eyes…they will stay like that.

I’m sure you have some of your own, but let’s think about these things for a minute! Honestly, how would gum get tangled up in your ribs? Have you ever gotten money when your palm started to itch? Where do these things come from? How is it that so many people have heard them?

I know there are plenty more. Do you have some favorite tales your mother told you?