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5 Time-Saving Household Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is a daunting task that seems to take up a lot of our time. We spend hours of our day scrubbing baseboards and washing floors and putting away clutter. If you want to save yourself some time use these five tips next time you roll up your sleeves for a day of cleaning house.

1. Use dryer sheets to clean baseboards. This goes for chair rail too! If you have a lot of dust and debris that’s piled up on the trim in your home, don’t bother scrubbing it down with soap and water then drying it. Instead, use a clean dryer sheet to quickly wipe up the dirt. The particles stick to the sheet and you’ll be moving on to your next task in no time. The clean smell they leave is just an added bonus.

2. Use a lemon to make your stainless sink shine. It takes a lot of time to scrub down a kitchen sink and usually we end up with streaks that make it look dirtier than when we started. We have to scrub to make the steel shine and use harsh chemicals. Instead, rub a lemon on the inside of your sink. It will clean away the gunk, make your sink shine and smell fresh.

3. Make a clutter basket. When you’re cleaning the house sometimes it seems like you’re spending the entire day putting things back into their place. Instead of picking up clutter multiple times a day, throw it all in your “clutter basket” as it piles up. At the end of the day make one trip putting away all of the items you’ve collected.

4. Clean your couch with a brush. Most vacuum cleaners come with a handy attachment that looks like a brush. Instead of constantly vacuuming your couch and pillows, remove the brush attachment and scrape for pet hair and lint. The brush will pick up everything including the unwanted stuff you don’t even see in a short amount of time.

5. Designate a day for bigger tasks. Some cleaning tasks need more attention, for example, the bathroom. Instead of doing a mediocre job of cleaning your bathroom each day, designate a day to do it. Once a week you should scrub your sink, tub and toilet really well and wash the floors and linens. Then you won’t need to spend so much time throughout the rest of the week.