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6 Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean With Pets

At Princeton we love pets and we know our residents do too! Keeping a home clean is tough and adding pets to the mix makes the work load even tougher. Use these tips to keep your home squeaky clean for your whole family (including the 4 legged members!)


  1. Get your pets groomed regularly so they aren’t shedding as often on the furniture or carpets.


  1. Sweep and vacuum your floors daily to avoid letting pet hair build up.


  1. Use the attachment on your vacuum (or even a lint roller) to remove pet hair from furniture.


  1. Pet hair doesn’t always stay on the ground and on the couch. Make sure to dust your furniture regularly too.


  1. Make sure your pets paws are clean after going outside by keeping a towel by the door to wipe them.


  1. Keep plenty of cleaning supplies handy to clean up after messes or accidents immediately after they happen.