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7 Interesting Holiday Traditions from Around the World



The holidays are a time of traditions! Around the world people celebrate in lots of unique ways. Here are some interesting traditions from different cultures around the world…

  1. In Germany, Christmas Eve is the main day where gifts are exchanged with families.
  2. In Australia, the holidays fall within the summer months so children can spend their holiday break at the beach or camping.
  3. The main/most important decoration in Mexico is the nacimiento.
  4. In Russia, some people fast on Christmas Eve, until the first star has appeared in the sky. Then many eat a porridge made from wheat or rice.
  5. For Italians, on Christmas Eve it’s common that no meat or dairy is eaten. Often a light seafood meal is served.
  6. In Switzerland, some people use real candles on the tree, which are traditionally lit on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve for good luck.
  7. In India, some people use mango leaves to decorate their homes.

Question 2

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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