The Lobster Shanty…Delish!!

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This Little Piggy went to Market…

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iPhone 5 rumors abound!

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The 123 Mug Cake!

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Spring Cleaning Tips

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Bully, no more!

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Get Out There!

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Awesome Drink and Tasty Snack To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Kim Kojak’s BEER RITA’S 1 8oz. Can Frozen Limeade or to taste 1 Can 7-up or fill empty can of limeade 1 Corona Beer... Continue Reading

Maine Summer Activities

Maine has some of the best outdoor summer activities in all of New England. Since the summer is so short we pack each weekend... Continue Reading

Would you spend $1,200.00 to “timeshare” a 15-carat diamond necklace?

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