Dick and June’s Ice Cream

As the weather is starting to improve, I am so excited to see my favorite ice cream shop now open for the season. For... Continue Reading

Borrowed Time

I hope this blog doesn’t bum anyone out, that is definitely not my intention in writing it. I am writing about this subject to... Continue Reading

Summer Apartment Living

Living without a yard can have its drawbacks. However, even apartment dwellers can make their patio or balcony into an outdoor oasis. Target is... Continue Reading

Salad on a Stick

During a recent visit to a friend’s house, I stumbled upon a simple, easy and more importantly, yummy appetizer. I am a huge fan... Continue Reading

Looking for the Best Thai food in the Portland area?

Looking for the Best Thai food in the Portland area… Well it’s a bit to the north? When you are done shopping the outlets... Continue Reading

A Not So Secret Recipe

<img src=”{filedir_2}Carrot.jpg” alt=”” height=”250″ width=”250″ />Though cafeteria food isn’t anyone’s idea of high cuisine, Piccadilly Cafeterias throughout the south are the go-to place for... Continue Reading

QR Codes in Action.

A QR code or “Quick Response code” is a matrix barcode similar to UPC codes scanned by cash registers. These codes are designed to... Continue Reading

Favorite Beauty Products

As a hobby esthetician I LOVE trying out tons of new skincare, bodycare and makeup, but I always find myself going back to my... Continue Reading

Great place at the Pickering Wharf!

So I have lived in Salem for 5 years and have eaten at Finz many times……Well the other day I came across the most... Continue Reading

Duathlon – Just “Du” it!

I recently participated in my first Duathlon in Central Park, New York City. What is a Duathlon? It is a competition that is composed... Continue Reading