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10 Convenient and Fun Repurpose Projects for Earth Day

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At Princeton, we know that making a big difference usually starts with small steps. The journey to an eco-friendly household can seem daunting (and expensive), but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled a list below of our favorite 10 ways to repurpose disposable household items, that would normally be single use.  

Squirrel being brushed by mascara wand

  1. Mascara Wands: Next time you finish up a tube of mascara, toss the body but keep the wand to help rehabbers care for orphaned wild life! You can find exact directions on how to donate your brushes here. 
  2. Wine Bottles: Enjoy your next night cap without the guilt. Wine bottles make excellent décor, from flower vases and center pieces to room lighting that will be the center of your guest’s conversations! La Crema winery has plenty of ideas to help you get creative with your wine bottles. 
  3. Tooth Brushes: Dentists suggest throwing your toothbrush away every 3 months. That means the average person uses and replaces 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime. The next time you need to replace yours, clean it off and save it in your cleaning supplies to help scrub those hard to reach or small spaces like around your faucet! 
  4. Plastic Bottles: No matter how many reusable water bottles you have, sometimes you’re in a pinch and need the hydration. Not to worry! You can cut the bottles in half and use them as planters for your garden seedlings. As an added bonus, with clear bottles you can see when the roots are set and ready for their permanent home.  
  5. News Papers: If you’re like most of us, and just can’t seem to remember to cancel that newspaper subscription, you’re in luck! Newspaper makes great wrapping paper in a pinch, or you could make it a regular habit that sets your gifts apart. Plus, your friends and family will be impressed by your green initiative!  
  6. Food Scraps: Composting can be time consuming, and isn’t always renter-friendly, so what should you do with your food scraps? Save your parmesan cheese rinds to use in your next soup or stock to add the Umami flavor that will have everyone asking what your secret is. You can also save money on store-bought stocks and broths by making your own with your veggie scraps and meat bones. Simply freeze them until you’re ready, then add water and seasonings and let it all come together in a pot! 
  7. Old Clothing/Bedding: Sometimes, clothes and bedding just can’t be donated, they’ve been too thoroughly loved. Instead of tossing them, cut them into squares and use as cleaning cloths. This is a two-for-one as you’ll reduce your paper towel usage too.
  8. Gallon Jugs: It seems that plastic jugs are everywhere, but luckily, the uses for them are just as plentiful. If you cut your jugs in half, you can use the top half for an all-purpose scoop, whether for dog food or soil for your plants, or use it as a large funnel. The bottom half can be painted and repurposed as a cute planter, or used as a rain catcher for water to water your house plants.
  9. Packing Peanuts: Once you’re done sweeping them up because they launched out of your new package as soon as you opened it, you can put them aside to use for your next planting project! Packing peanuts can be added to the bottom of a planter to reduce the weight, making it easier to move, while creating more space for additional drainage to keep the roots nice and happy!  
  10. Bread Tabs: These single-use, plastic tabs can be turned into one of the most useful life hacks for anyone who works at a desk. Gone are the days of searching for the right wire in your power strip because now, with just a permanent marker and bread tabs, you can neatly label every wire!  

We hope these tips help you on your eco-friendly efforts! For information on how Princeton Properties is caring for our communities and environment, visit our Princeton Cares page. Happy Earth Day!