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Great Houseplants for Apartments

snake plant
Many common houseplants not only add attractiveness to your home, but they emit oxygen and are natural air purifiers. This is especially important when homes are closed tight during winter!

Some of these plants require little maintenance and can adapt well to low light. Houseplants are not expensive and can be found at local nurseries and grocery stores.

Heartleaf Philodendron- Also known as the sweetheart vine, is a common houseplant with heart-shaped green leaves that prefers low light. This is a great plant for beginners as it is tolerant of many conditions and super easy to grow.

Spider Plant- Also known as airplane plants, they have long, skinny green leaves that have a white stripe going down the center of each leaf. This is an attractive plant that does best in a pot that allows the leaves to fall out around the edge of the pot.

Janet Craig- Also called the green corn plant, this common houseplant helps purify the air. It is a bushy plant that has long green leaves. It is a slow growing plant that requires low to medium light.

Peace Lily- This plant has long green foliage with white, half-shaped blooms. For best results, keep this plant within 5- 8 feet from a window. Keep the plant away from drafts and clean the leaves regularly.

Snake Plant- Also called the devil’s tongue, this plant has sword shaped leaves that are green and feature a variety of patterns. The snake plant is an air purifier that that will remove xylene, toluene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere.
These are just a few easy to grow plants. For more information on houseplants, please visit these websites.