Princeton Happenings

Tis The Season…For Yankee Swaps!

An odd name for a gift exchange game, the Yankee Swap supposedly derived its name from the Civil War days. It seems that the Yankees and the Confederates at some point swapped prisoners as a sort of game to lighten up the atmosphere, hence the name “Yankee Swap.” How the term was adopted to gift giving is up for speculation.

Here are some tips for Yankee Swap Etiquette…

1.Once you open a gift, you have to keep it where everyone can see it. No trying to hide that sweet snow cone maker under the table!

2.Once you touch a gift from the pile, that’s the one you get. No shaking and weighing the gifts… you’re not picking out a cantaloupe!

3.If you take too long to pick a gift, the group can elect to count down your time limit (which is up to the mob). If time runs out, you get the gift closest to you… and someone will probably throw it at you.

Happy Swapping, Everyone!