Oh Those Dreaded Allergies!

<img src=”{filedir_1}allergy-medication.jpg” alt=”allergy” height=”261″ width=”385″ /> Tis the season for allergies to begin for most of us. According to reports, because we had a... Continue Reading

Don’t Take Cupcakes, Make Some Cake Balls

<img src=”{filedir_1}Cake_Balls.jpg” alt=”Shamrock Cake Balls” height=”217″ width=”420″ />The first time I attempted this recipe it was a disaster and I was swearing at Paula... Continue Reading

7 Unconventional Stain Remedies: New Uses for Household Items!

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CHPA: A Harbinger of Economic Recovery

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Cell Phone Protection and Security Tips

I am sure many have experienced losing a cell phone or, as in my case, having a cell phone stolen. While away on a... Continue Reading

Warm Winter Weather and Ticks.

This year’s mild winter comes with the price of ticks making an early arrival. The winter weather usually brings the benefit of keeping ticks... Continue Reading

Pinterest Addiction

Who isn’t addicted to Pinterest by now? Whenever someone asks me what the heck this new-fangled website is, I describe it this way: take... Continue Reading

When NOT to be Frugal

Times are tough, and we’re all looking for ways to save money. We’re couponing in ways so extreme that a reality show was created... Continue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Cupcakes!

When people think St. Patrick’s Day foods they think of Corned Beef and Cabbage, but what about the most part of any meal…Dessert?! Satisfy... Continue Reading

The 26 Happiest Animals In The World

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