Princeton Properties’ 50th Anniversary

50 years ago, in 1973, Princeton Properties was founded by our chairman, James Herscot in Lowell, MA and continues to be based in Lowell.  Princeton Properties has realized some of its greatest business growth by acquiring and developing properties in the New England area. Princeton has strong ties to the community and believes in creating and managing properties that generate pride for residents and neighborhoods alike. Now, in 2023, Princeton Properties has grown to over 7,000 units across Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire.

The History and Evolution of Princeton Properties

1973 Princeton Properties Management, Inc. is founded, the 1st property located in Lowell, MA

1985 Princeton grows to 500 units

1991 Princeton first expands to New Hampshire and reaches 1,000 units

1994 Princeton expands to Maine and reaches 2,000 units

2001 Princeton Properties is recognized by NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) with the Property Management Company of the Year Award

2008 Princeton receives Enterprise Bank Business of the Year Award

2009 Princeton reaches 4,000 units

2020 Princeton receives 2020 Pillars of Industry Award, Best Repositioning Award, and reaches 6,000 units

2023 Princeton proudly celebrates its 50th year and has grown to over 7,000 units across MA, NH, and ME


Princeton Properties’ Team

Princeton Properties hires employees who share our values. The success of Princeton Properties is determined by how well they perform their jobs. We recognize that in order to provide a high level of customer satisfaction, our employees must have a high level of job satisfaction. We treat our employees with respect, consideration, fairness and trust. Like our property management philosophy, this approach yields long-term dividends.

Princeton prides itself on promoting from within. Training employees to take on greater responsibility is part of our culture. Today, 80% of Princeton’s management growth comes from inside the company. We also have exceptionally low turn over; when you become part of the Princeton Team, you become part of the Princeton Family.


Princeton Cares

We realize that our long standing success comes in large part from resident and community satisfaction. Princeton has strong ties to the community and believes in creating and managing properties that generate pride for residents and neighborhoods alike. We prioritize giving back to the local communities we reside in and becoming exceptional partners and neighbors. This giving nature was born out of the philanthropy of our chairman and founder, who continues to set an example through his personal charitable endeavors. 

Our company motto has always been: Do the right thing, not just do things right.

During the most recent COVID-19 pandemic, Princeton started a “Princeton Loves Local,” campaign to support local businesses, add a bit of light and happiness to their resident base, and provide Princeton property site teams the resources to support local charitable efforts within the communities that they work and live in.

Princeton Properties regularly partners with Mill City Grows, Building Impact, and Project Home Again. In recent times, we have also volunteered with and donated to, Monadnock Humane Society, LowellSPCA, The Front Door Agency, and Kids in Tech. 

Princeton Properties is also committed to caring for the environment, actively taking steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. Within our Company, we are taking both big and small steps to make a difference, from fossil free construction on our newest endeavor and numerous solar panel installations to recycling programs offered to our residents. Our goal is to provide opportunities for residents and employees alike to live a greener lifestyle. To read more on our green initiative, please visit our Going Green page.


Princeton Properties: Looking Forward

Princeton Properties, in addition to acquiring and repositioning existing assets, invests in new construction of apartment communities. With years of experience in multi-family housing, Princeton Properties understands the entire building process and has developed a talented group of in-house professionals who are highly skilled in project management. This includes permitting, design, functionality planning, pre-development services and lease up marketing.

The James, a Princeton Properties Community, named after our founder and chairman, is a fossil-free construction project that will bring luxury garden-style apartment homes to the Haverhill, MA area. Our expectation is for this development to be the most modern community Princeton Properties has ever built, boasting notable features such as EV Charging ports and smart home capabilities. 

Princeton Properties applies their “best practices” to any management relationship keeping owners objectives in the forefront. Careful consideration is given to the types and locations of the assignments undertaken, assuring that the needed support can be readily and consistently provided to the site-based staff. As of November 2023, Princeton will be adding four more unique properties to our managed communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our pledge to owners and investors has always been to continually increase the value of our properties through strong hands-on management, innovative marketing, tight control of expenses and sound financial planning.

Princeton Properties owes its remarkable journey of the past five decades to the unwavering support and dedication of our local communities, esteemed employees, valued residents and investors. Here’s to the next 50 years of growth, innovation, and shared success. Together, we will continue to shape vibrant communities and foster pride that lasts a lifetime. 

Excitement is Building: The James, a Princeton Properties Community

Princeton Properties, based in Lowell, Massachusetts is proud to announce the newest addition to our portfolio: The James, a Princeton Properties Community, in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Since 1973, Princeton has been a leader in the management and leasing of multifamily apartment homes, steadfast in our commitment to delivering apartment homes that instill a sense of pride in both our residents and the surrounding communities. The James promises to continue that legacy through mindful planning and design that is focused on its future residents, their needs, and the needs of the community and environment.

We expect to welcome our first residents during the summer of 2024. The James will provide garden style apartment homes that boast the very best of Princeton Properties. This new community will share in our classic amenities and benefits, with many elevated details along the way, making it the most modern Princeton Properties community yet.

Built for the Future

The James will host an abundance of features that give a nod to the ever changing needs of today’s society, starting from the ground up with fossil-free design and construction. Other notable attributes include multiple EV charging stations and smart home capabilities.

Design and Lifestyle

Mindfully crafted with residents in mind, The James will offer flexible and spacious floor plans, in unit washers and dryers, stainless appliances, and quartz kitchen countertops. An outdoor patio area, multifaceted clubhouse, pet washing station, bicycle storage, and garage-under parking, as well as access to the premiere Cedardale Athletic Club will create a comprehensive and thriving community for every resident and their unique interests and lifestyles.


Construction is actively underway, the team has successfully erected 3 stories of the first structure thus far including walls, foundations for all apartment buildings and clubhouse as well as the two parking garages. Development moves quickly, blink and you may miss all the action. To follow along on this journey, we have provided a live stream of our construction process.

For more information regarding The James, a Princeton Properties Community, please email us at or use our Contact Us form!

Renting Your First Apartment

So, it’s time to start the renting process for your first apartment. You’re excited, but overwhelmed, and you don’t know where to start. Here’s a quick guide to get you through the process. 


Research Research Research

When renting your first apartment, there are key questions you need to ask yourself. Where do you want to live? What are the housing prices there? Do you have a car or do you need a walkable city? Do you commute via public transit? Where is the closest train station? Will you need parking?

Lined paper with the word budget on it, surrounded by charts and graphs and a pen

Do the math

What is your budget? Renting your first apartment changes your budget drastically, you may even be writing a budget for the first time during this process. When in doubt, remember the 30% rule. 30%-35% of your household income should be the sweet spot for rent, but don’t forget about utilities! Now is a great time to take a look at your general spending and see where you need to be spending less, in order to afford apartment living!

Knowing your credit score is almost as important as your income. Most apartment communities, and private landlords alike, will have a minimum requirement for your credit score, and will likely run a credit check before approving your application. Credit Karma is a great (and free) resource for monitoring your credit. 

Deal Breakers

Now that you know where you want to live and what rent fits your lifestyle, you can start the search. Lists are helpful to keep you focused and to remind you what filters you’ll be using on rental sites. When searching for your first apartment, make a list of things you absolutely cannot live without so you remember what to look for, and a list of things that might be nice, but you don’t need, so you can remind yourself during your tours. 

Take a peak

You’re ready to really dive in! You are officially starting to search for your first apartment! Start with apartment listing sites such as, explore the options in your desired area, and take a tour. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and to take a thorough look around. 

Don’t skimp on the tours, either. The more apartments you tour (either in person or virtually), the better an idea you’ll have of what is available and what you’re looking for. 

Phone a friendTwo roommates, one sitting in a chair on a tablet and one sitting on a bean bag with a tablet

Did you find your dream apartment, and it’s just slightly out of budget? Are you finding that there are no apartments available for your specific income? Don’t panic! You should consider a roommate. This is not a task to be taken lightly, and should not be a rushed decision, but finding the right person to share an apartment with can be the ticket in! It may also be nice to have a friend when renting your first apartment, as you won’t be alone in the learning curves!

Stay Realistic

If an apartment offer seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Be on the lookout for fake or dishonest listings. 

Many scam listings will have very similar verbiage in the listing itself, or in the initial response to your request for tour. Things like being unable to view the unit, or being requested to mail money without a tour, in person meeting, or lease, can be red flags to look out for. When in doubt, call the property management company directly to confirm the available apartment is in fact their listing. Scams depend on people like you, new to renting an apartment, to fall for the trick. 

The Tough Stuff

Lease on the table with someone pointing out a line with a pen while a couple looks on

The application has been submitted and you’ve been approved. This is an exciting feat, but there is still a lease to be signed. We all love a good skim when it comes to terms and conditions, but a lease agreement and contract need a closer look.  They are legally binding documents and should merit a diligent read through. Familiarize yourself with rules, regulations, fees, and conditions.


Your first apartment experience is exciting, and with these tips and tricks, you can avoid much of the First-Time-Renter-Scaries! Still confused about where to start? Princeton Properties has your back. A leasing agent is just a call away to help you in your search. 

Why Rent Vs. Own

As Smash Mouth once said, “the years start coming, and they don’t stop coming,” and that couldn’t be more true, especially when it comes to the changing needs of our home lives. More and more Millennials and Gen Zers are finding it more appealing to rent vs. own, and below are the reasons we agree!

woman with sticky note stuck to her forehead working on a lap top also covered with sticky notes

Stress Less: Life is stressful enough without your home being another source of discomfort. When you rent vs. own, you’re offloading much of the responsibility that may come with home ownership. You have access to 24/7 emergency maintenance and management, and you don’t have to worry about the little details like trimming bushes, mowing the lawn, or plowing your driveway. For even further peace of mind and convenience, your buildings may have controlled-access doors, digital entry systems, and exterior lighting in common areas and parking lots.

How Convenient: Amenities are a huge perk for those who choose to rent vs. own. Driving to the gym, laundromat, or dog park may be a thing of the past when living in an apartment community. Residents will often find that their apartments are closer to highways, shopping centers, and recreation, which means you’ll be able to cut down on your commute to work, as well as your commute to play. The flexibility of renting allows you to choose (and change) your area based on these amenities and conveniences, and any other needs you may have.

Coins being dropped into a jar half filled with coins, coins all over the table next to it and a tipped over jar on the tableMoney Matters: When it comes to deciding whether to rent vs. own, money is probably the leading factor. When you rent you will be facing less for a down payment, and avoiding property taxes altogether. To rent vs. own means that your monthly expenses are more predictable, as you know there won’t be any surprise maintenance bills for your home or appliances, making budgeting for the things you really want easier.

Get Social: Making new friends as an adult is always hard, especially if you are moving to a new area. When you rent vs. own, you are going to find being social much less intimidating. Your neighbors are just a door, hallway, or floor away, and meeting them can seem much less daunting when you may simply bump into them. Many apartment communities offer social events for residents such as pool parties, game nights, and food truck gatherings to help meet people in your community without too much pressure. Even if  you’re looking to branch out from your apartment community, or simply get to know your area better, your resident office can have a wide range of local area information like events, best restaurants, and great sight seeing.

If you’re curious about what apartment community living looks like, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on all that comes with making Princeton Properties your home! Not sure if Princeton Properties has availability in your area? See all of our neighborhoods.

Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer

As we’re entering the Dog Days of summer, we’ve compiled some tips to keep your apartment cool and comfy all spring and summer long!


  • Leave your lights off when possible. While we can’t promise this will drop the temp down to a nice fall day, it can make all the difference when the
    outside thermometer  is reading 98 in the sun. Just think of it as your eco-friendly act of the day!


  • Strategically place your fans. Moving stagnant air will always help your apartment’s vibe, and creating a cross breeze between rooms can be a more efficient way to keep your apartment cool. Plus, it will make your space feel a bit more easy-breezy. (This tip will also work wonders when entertaining in an apartment, stay tuned for more of our entertaining advice)!


  • Consider investing in black out curtains. Any sort of window covering will add some insulation, and avoid the Hot Car Affect, but these heavy duty curtains can also help keep things cozier in the winter, and help on those snooze-button-needed-mornings. There’s also something to be said for the placebo of a darker room on hot days. 


  • Lock your windows. While a good safety practice in general, this simple act during the summer will more thoroughly keep the hot air out, and your newly created cross breeze in!


  • Pull out your dehumidifier. Whether it’s for your whole space, or just your work-from-home area, a dehumidifier will help keep the classic New England summer humidity at bay. Talk about breathing room!


If you found this article a helpful guide to keep your apartment cool this summer, and you’d like more tips and life hacks for apartment living, follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Be sure to turn on those post notifications so you never miss out. Interested in joining one of our many welcoming communities? Explore our many options and schedule a tour!