Princeton Properties Grows: Four New Neighborhoods to Call Home!

Princeton continues to grow!

We’ve taken on the management of four unique apartment communities located in Chelsea, MA, Newton, MA, Tewksbury, MA and Londonderry, NH. As we expand and enhance our services, we are excited to welcome these four new properties into our portfolio. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to delivering outstanding living experiences.

We would like to welcome the following properties:

Atlas Lofts in Chelsea, MA – Modern loft living in the historic Box District.

Newton Gardens Apartments in Newton, MA – Garden style apartment homes within one of New England’s most sought-after cities.

Village Green Apartments in Tewksbury, MA- Apartment homes where modern meets comfort and convenience in a centralized location.

Woodmont Commons Apartments in Londonderry, NH – Quaint, small town New England living with modern amenities.

Princeton Properties focuses on applying best practices to every management relationship. Our approach involves careful consideration of assignment types and locations, ensuring that our teams can provide our signature exceptional customer service.

Our pledge extends to the valued residents who call our communities home. Our guiding light at Princeton is, “do the right thing, not just do things right,” which is echoed throughout the Princeton Properties’ living experience. Inspired by our ‘Princeton Cares‘ and ‘Princeton Living Made Simple‘ philosophies, we strive to create communities that are not only comfortable and convenient but also enriched with care and simplicity. From our dedicated onsite management and maintenance teams to our unwavering commitment to continually upgrading living spaces to improve the residential experience, our mission is clear.

With every assignment we take on, we work to continually increase the value of our properties. This is achieved through strong hands-on management, innovative marketing strategies, and sound financial planning. Our approach is not just about managing properties; it’s about upholding the values and standards that define Princeton Properties.

During the fifty years that we’ve been providing quality housing, we’ve not only grown in size, but our commitment to excellence has also continued to crystallize. We are thrilled to welcome these four properties and their residents into the Princeton family. There are more exciting additions to our portfolio on the horizon, The James (coming soon), is under construction in Haverhill, MA. We will be welcoming our first residents in Summer, 2024. Check out any of our many offerings to see why Princeton provides the best of apartment home living experiences.

Princeton Properties’ 50th Anniversary

50 years ago, in 1973, Princeton Properties was founded by our chairman, James Herscot in Lowell, MA and continues to be based in Lowell.  Princeton Properties has realized some of its greatest business growth by acquiring and developing properties in the New England area. Princeton has strong ties to the community and believes in creating and managing properties that generate pride for residents and neighborhoods alike. Now, in 2023, Princeton Properties has grown to over 7,000 units across Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire.

The History and Evolution of Princeton Properties

1973 Princeton Properties Management, Inc. is founded, the 1st property located in Lowell, MA

1985 Princeton grows to 500 units

1991 Princeton first expands to New Hampshire and reaches 1,000 units

1994 Princeton expands to Maine and reaches 2,000 units

2001 Princeton Properties is recognized by NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) with the Property Management Company of the Year Award

2008 Princeton receives Enterprise Bank Business of the Year Award

2009 Princeton reaches 4,000 units

2020 Princeton receives 2020 Pillars of Industry Award, Best Repositioning Award, and reaches 6,000 units

2023 Princeton proudly celebrates its 50th year and has grown to over 7,000 units across MA, NH, and ME


Princeton Properties’ Team

Princeton Properties hires employees who share our values. The success of Princeton Properties is determined by how well they perform their jobs. We recognize that in order to provide a high level of customer satisfaction, our employees must have a high level of job satisfaction. We treat our employees with respect, consideration, fairness and trust. Like our property management philosophy, this approach yields long-term dividends.

Princeton prides itself on promoting from within. Training employees to take on greater responsibility is part of our culture. Today, 80% of Princeton’s management growth comes from inside the company. We also have exceptionally low turn over; when you become part of the Princeton Team, you become part of the Princeton Family.


Princeton Cares

We realize that our long standing success comes in large part from resident and community satisfaction. Princeton has strong ties to the community and believes in creating and managing properties that generate pride for residents and neighborhoods alike. We prioritize giving back to the local communities we reside in and becoming exceptional partners and neighbors. This giving nature was born out of the philanthropy of our chairman and founder, who continues to set an example through his personal charitable endeavors. 

Our company motto has always been: Do the right thing, not just do things right.

During the most recent COVID-19 pandemic, Princeton started a “Princeton Loves Local,” campaign to support local businesses, add a bit of light and happiness to their resident base, and provide Princeton property site teams the resources to support local charitable efforts within the communities that they work and live in.

Princeton Properties regularly partners with Mill City Grows, Building Impact, and Project Home Again. In recent times, we have also volunteered with and donated to, Monadnock Humane Society, LowellSPCA, The Front Door Agency, and Kids in Tech. 

Princeton Properties is also committed to caring for the environment, actively taking steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. Within our Company, we are taking both big and small steps to make a difference, from fossil free construction on our newest endeavor and numerous solar panel installations to recycling programs offered to our residents. Our goal is to provide opportunities for residents and employees alike to live a greener lifestyle. To read more on our green initiative, please visit our Going Green page.


Princeton Properties: Looking Forward

Princeton Properties, in addition to acquiring and repositioning existing assets, invests in new construction of apartment communities. With years of experience in multi-family housing, Princeton Properties understands the entire building process and has developed a talented group of in-house professionals who are highly skilled in project management. This includes permitting, design, functionality planning, pre-development services and lease up marketing.

The James, a Princeton Properties Community, named after our founder and chairman, is a fossil-free construction project that will bring luxury garden-style apartment homes to the Haverhill, MA area. Our expectation is for this development to be the most modern community Princeton Properties has ever built, boasting notable features such as EV Charging ports and smart home capabilities. 

Princeton Properties applies their “best practices” to any management relationship keeping owners objectives in the forefront. Careful consideration is given to the types and locations of the assignments undertaken, assuring that the needed support can be readily and consistently provided to the site-based staff. As of November 2023, Princeton will be adding four more unique properties to our managed communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our pledge to owners and investors has always been to continually increase the value of our properties through strong hands-on management, innovative marketing, tight control of expenses and sound financial planning.

Princeton Properties owes its remarkable journey of the past five decades to the unwavering support and dedication of our local communities, esteemed employees, valued residents and investors. Here’s to the next 50 years of growth, innovation, and shared success. Together, we will continue to shape vibrant communities and foster pride that lasts a lifetime. 

Excitement is Building: The James, a Princeton Properties Community

Princeton Properties, based in Lowell, Massachusetts is proud to announce the newest addition to our portfolio: The James, a Princeton Properties Community, in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Since 1973, Princeton has been a leader in the management and leasing of multifamily apartment homes, steadfast in our commitment to delivering apartment homes that instill a sense of pride in both our residents and the surrounding communities. The James promises to continue that legacy through mindful planning and design that is focused on its future residents, their needs, and the needs of the community and environment.

We expect to welcome our first residents during the summer of 2024. The James will provide garden style apartment homes that boast the very best of Princeton Properties. This new community will share in our classic amenities and benefits, with many elevated details along the way, making it the most modern Princeton Properties community yet.

Built for the Future

The James will host an abundance of features that give a nod to the ever changing needs of today’s society, starting from the ground up with fossil-free design and construction. Other notable attributes include multiple EV charging stations and smart home capabilities.

Design and Lifestyle

Mindfully crafted with residents in mind, The James will offer flexible and spacious floor plans, in unit washers and dryers, stainless appliances, and quartz kitchen countertops. An outdoor patio area, multifaceted clubhouse, pet washing station, bicycle storage, and garage-under parking, as well as access to the premiere Cedardale Athletic Club will create a comprehensive and thriving community for every resident and their unique interests and lifestyles.


Construction is actively underway, the team has successfully erected 3 stories of the first structure thus far including walls, foundations for all apartment buildings and clubhouse as well as the two parking garages. Development moves quickly, blink and you may miss all the action. To follow along on this journey, we have provided a live stream of our construction process.

For more information regarding The James, a Princeton Properties Community, please email us at or use our Contact Us form!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean During the Summer

Keeping the home clean during the summer can be tough. Kids are home for summer break and you’d rather have fun than clean. If you’re struggling to keep things tidy keep reading for some helpful tips.


1 – Have the kids help – create a chore chart and hang it in the kitchen this summer. Give the kids some responsibilities like cleaning their rooms, taking out the trash and washing the dishes.


2 – Encourage more outdoor play – If the kids get out of the house early in the morning there is less of a chance of creating a mess. Clean the clutter right away in the morning and try your best to spend as much time outdoors as possible.


3 – Have a designated shoe and outdoor toy area – This should be right near the door. Have everyone drop their shoes, sports equipment and beach bags at the door so dirt and sand don’t get tracked into the house.


4 – Designate laundry days – Don’t let the summer laundry pile up! If you designate a couple days a week as laundry days you lessen the risk of overflowing laundry baskets.


5 – Keep cleaning supplies in close reach – Leave the broom, vacuum and surface cleaners in a centralized location. Messes happen but you can clean them quickly and encourage the kids to clean them too by keeping the proper supplies and tools on hand.

5 Tips for Setting the Thanksgiving Table

It’s Thanksgiving week and it’s time to prepare for the big day! Before you start roasting that turkey, it’s time to think about setting the table. Here are 5 tips for setting the perfect Thanksgiving table for your guests.


1 – Don’t wait until Thanksgiving! Start setting your table at least one day before. Washing cutlery and ironing cloth napkins are tasks that take more time than you think. You don’t want to worry about doing those things when you need to be in the kitchen.


2 – Know where to place everything! Bread plates go on the left, drinking glasses on the right! Place your silverware in the order they will be used – outside to inside. Forks go to the left of the plate and knives and spoons on the right.


3 – Decide how you’ll serve! If your table is large consider serving your meal “family style” which means the food will go right in the center of the table. Make sure you’ve found plenty of hot plates and trivets! If you’re choosing to serve buffet-style, make sure you have a large, clean surface ready for the food (that’s not too far away from the table!)


4 – Decorate with a centerpiece! Many local grocery stores sell beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces that can be picked up the day before. Rather try a DIY? Add some pumpkins, LED candles and greenery to give your table a special touch.


5 – Place cards are the final touch! Not only do place cards give your guests a personalized touch, they also eliminate any question or confusion as to who should sit where.


Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

20 Items for Your 2021 Bucket List


2020 taught us a lot! We learned that making plans in the new year can be hard when there is a lot of uncertainty. Even though your traveling, parties or events may be cancelled or postponed, there are still plenty of things you can do in 2021! Check out our ideas for your 2021 bucket list – how many items will you check off this year?

1 – Take time to meditate each day

2 – Eat healthier

3 – Exercise daily (you don’t need a gym to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in each day to stay healthy!)

4 – Complete at least one act of kindness each month

5 – Read that book you started a while ago but haven’t finished

6 – Organize your apartment/house

7 – Send cards to friends in the mail for no reason other than to just say “hi”

8 – Do a puzzle

9 – Keep a journal

10 – Start a blog

11 – Learn to cook or bake

12 – Drink more water (download an app on your phone to track your ounces each day)

13 – Take a social media break

14 – Get more sleep (go to bed earlier to get extra Z’s)

15 – Watch some classic movies you still have never seen

16 – It’s hard to smile at strangers with a mask on, but you can still wave to say hello & brighten someone’s day

17 – Start a pay it forward chain (pay for someone’s coffee or lunch)’

18 – Complete a DIY project you pinned on Pinterest a while ago

19 – Buy or pick flowers to keep in your home

20 – Remember to smile and breathe

3 Thanksgiving Games to Play With Family

Whether you are together with family or celebrating via Zoom, there are fun ways you can celebrate turkey day this year! Try one of these fun games with your family and maybe you’ll create a new tradition for years to come.


1 – A Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt – Get the family searching both inside and outside for a list of items and have a whole lot of fun while you search!

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2 – Color the table! Ditch the standard table cloth and opt for one you can color. Buy one at your local party store or create your own with craft paper and a sharpie.

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3 – Act it out! You don’t have to be face to face with your family to play Thanksgiving charades. Try these free printable cards from!

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3 Easy Ways to Decorate for Halloween

October is here and we’re ready to celebrate Halloween with all things SPOOKY! If you haven’t decorated your home yet, don’t worry! We have 3 very easy DIY projects that can make your apartment look festive in no time.


1 – Paper Bats- Head here to find an easy bat template to print. Draw your bats on black construction paper and cut them out. You can easily hang them using two-sided tape anywhere you want in your home to give it a spooky touch!

Courtesy of

2 – Trash Bag Spiderwebs- All you need for this one is a trash bag and a pair of scissors. Easy enough, right? Head here to learn how to fold and cut your trash bag to make a creepy spiderweb for your home this Halloween!

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3- Monster Door – Give your door a spooky face using construction paper, streamers and more! Let your kids help with this one and it’s fun for the whole family!

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Tips for Trying Tie Dye at Home

Tie dye has come back in a BIG way in 2020! If you’ve looked online or shopped at stores recently you’ve probably seen lots of tie dye merchandise to buy. Instead of buying it pre-made, why not get crafty and create your own tie-dye at home? Read below for some tips for creating awesome and unique tie dyed garments!


1 – Think about what you want to tie dye. Is it a t shirt or a pair of shorts? Either way make sure that the material is cotton so the dye will adhere to the fibers of your garment as best as possible. Also, choose a white garment so your colors will stand out.


2 – Purchase your fabric dyes individually or purchase a kit. Stores like Michaels, Target and Amazon are selling kits that come with everything you need. If you don’t use a kit, you’ll also need some squeeze bottles, plastic sheets, plastic wrap, plastic gloves and rubber bands.


3 – Bullseye? Sunburst? Polka Dots? Decide which tie dye pattern you want to try. Click here for a great list of patterns with detailed instructions on how to achieve each look. Fold or roll your garment and place your rubber bands accordingly.


4 – Set up your work station outdoors to limit the mess. Lay out your plastic sheet and get your fabric dyes in the squeeze bottles. Make sure to wear your plastic gloves so you don’t tie dye your hands! (if you do get dye on your hands you can mix baking soda and water together to create a paste. Scrub it on your skin and wash away with soap and water.)


5 – Have fun and unleash your creativity! Choose fun color patterns and don’t be afraid to be bold. You won’t know how the garments will look until they’ve dried and been washed.


6 – When your garments are done wrap them in plastic wrap and let them dry overnight. When they’re ready to be unwrapped, wash them outdoors with a hose or in a laundry sink to remove the excess dye. After you’ve washed them throw them into the washing machine (without any other clothes) for a quick rinse and then dry.


7 – Enjoy your new tie dyed creations! Make sure to wash them separately for the first few washes to be sure the dye doesn’t bleed onto other clothes.

5 Summer Day Trips to Take in Massachusetts

Sunny, summer days are here and before we know it the crisp, fall weather will be sneaking in. There are still plenty of summer weekends left to take some day trips in Massachusetts. Check out these awesome places you can cross off your bucket list!


1 – Explore the wide-open shoreline of Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA. There are plenty of great seafood restaurants to stop at on your drive home to get a real taste of New England.

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2 – Explore a submarine, battleship, and destroyer at Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA.

Courtesy of Creative Commons


3 – Visit a living history museum depicting how life was in New England from 1790 to 1840 at Old Sturbridge Village (advanced registration required at this time.)

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4 – Jump on a ferry and sit back to enjoy the ride to Martha’s Vineyard! You can access the ferry in Massachusetts from New Bedford, Hyannis and Falmouth!

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5 – Take a beautiful hike at World’s End State Park in Hingham, MA – a beautiful area with wooded, natural beauty.

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