How Princeton celebrates Thanksgiving

This time of the year things start to get a little crazy.  Did you remember to get the stuffing?  Are there enough place settings for everyone? What’s the best route to beat the holiday traffic?  Which Black Friday deals do you want? The list seems endless.  But despite the hectic schedule, most of us have our own traditions that we look forward to year after year.  We asked a few Princeton employees to share some of their Thanksgiving traditions.

We always invite someone that is not part of the family, a close friend or even just an acquaintance that does not have family close by. We get to know them and welcome them to our home. The tradition started with my Nana and we have met so many amazing people because of it. Plus sweet potatoes with marshmallows. No matter where we go, no matter who we are with it is a must have.



This will be the 10th year I run the Feaster Five in Andover on Thanksgiving morning. (And the 5th time i’ll run it in a spandex santa suit)



We have been raising our own turkeys for almost 20 years. We always cook the biggest one on Thanksgiving for our family/friends. The biggest one we ever cooked was 46 pounds! That was an interesting year!



We go Black Friday shopping. We jump in line – usually close to 11pm and then wait until 1am when the store opens. Then we pretty much shop all night, have breakfast at a local diner and then go home to bed, usually sometime after 8am. After doing this for so many years, it is now not so much about the actual “shopping” but the experience itself. Last year, the guy in front of us was teaching us how to “Salsa” while we were in line!



We will be in Louisiana where Thanksgiving dinner includes cornbread dressing in a casserole dish and almost no one puts stuffing in the turkey. Then the argument is whether cornbread dressing should include sage. My sister in law says yes (Texas people!) though my grandmother would have never, ever added it.



I will be cooking for the extended family. Turkey, plus all the traditional New England trimmings. I really enjoy cooking, baking and entertaining…but the real tradition is taking the family picture and espresso martini’s. Hopefully not all at once. I’m sure the pilgrims didn’t have Espresso Vodka, but it’s a staple when my family comes to visit!



What is a tradition that you look forward to every year?

Princeton is Growing – Forest Ridge

Comfort and convenience makes our residents happy to call us home. Welcome to Forest Ridge Apartments in Nashua, NH!

Nestled into a tree lined ridge, Forest Ridge Apartments is ideally-located near award-winning schools, local museums and shopping. So much to do and see in Nashua, spend a sunny day at one of the many local parks or join in on one of the many sponsored activities right on-site to meet your new neighbors. Enjoy the ease of on-site maintenance and management and spend your weekends at our well-appointed playground or tennis courts. There’s always something to do at Forest Ridge!

There are one and two bedroom apartment floor plans available as well as two and three bedroom townhouses. To view photos and floor plans and learn more about our community visit our website at

10 Domestic Habits We’ve All Mastered

When young adults live on their own for the first time there’s a lot to learn. How much laundry detergent do I use? How often should I wash my curtains? How do I setup utilities? By the time most people are thirty and have lived on their own for several years they have mastered many domestic skills! How many on this list have you mastered? Would you add anything to this list?

1. How to prep and paint walls
2. Keeping basic kitchen items stocked
3. Keeping your home tidy and neat enough in case guests pop in
4. Having a well-stocked cabinet of cleaning supplies
5. How to host a get together (with enough food and drink for guests)
6. How to setup utilities and manage bills
7. The right way to paint, stain or refinish furniture
8. How to make your décor match
9. Making food in multiple servings
10. How to use basic tools (a hammer, screwdriver, power drill etc.)
11. The proper way to iron a shirt
12. How to remove a stain from any material

15 Activities for Your Winter Bucket List

The temperatures are feeling more spring-like than winter-like this week and we’re not complaining! We still have over a month of winter left so we’ve put together a winter bucket list for you! How many items on this list can you already cross off and how many do you plan to cross off before spring?

1. Go ice skating
2. Build a snowman
3. Go skiing
4. Photograph the snow
5. Go sledding
6. Drink hot chocolate (with marshmallows)
7. Light a fire or sit by one with a good book
8. Have a snowball fight
9. Make a crock pot soup
10. See a movie
11. Bake cookies (from scratch)
12. Make snow angels
13. Host or attend a Super Bowl party
14. Learn to knit
15. Make mulled wine

10 Indoor Activities to Get You Through the Winter

When the temperatures get low it’s hard to get motivated to brave the cold to spend your spare time. Rather than bundling up to shop or go out to dinner or the movies, try some of these activities this winter!

1. Host a game night at home.

2. Have friends over and setup a hot chocolate bar.

3. Have a Netflix or movie marathon (complete with a cozy blanket and slippers.)

4. Read that book you haven’t had the time to pick up.

5. Host an at home wine tasting.

6. Try some of those Pinterest craft projects you’ve pinned

7. While you’re at it, try cooking some of those recipes too.

8. Have lots of photographs on your phone? Use a printing app to get them printed and arrange them in photo albums.

9. Update your playlists on iTunes and download some new music.

10. When all else fails….do some research on booking a tropical vacation!

5 Ways to Start the New Year off Fresh

2016 is here and it’s a clean slate! Don’t fill it up with any of the clutter from 2015 by following these steps. You’ll be off to a new, fresh year in no time.

1. Take down and organize your holiday decorations in a timely fashion. Don’t wait until February to realize you don’t have the storage space or a place to toss your Christmas tree. Store items in neat, labeled bins. You’ll thank yourself when the holidays roll around again.

2. Start marking important dates, events and appointments on your new 2016 calendar or planner. Always wanted to try yoga? Make time for it this year by scheduling some classes. Don’t forget to also schedule time to relax too!

3. Clean up your work space. Going back to work after the holidays is tough and it’s even tougher if you’re going back to a messy desk with “to-dos” from last year. Organize and make deadlines for yourself to stay on track with projects. Don’t forget to clean up your e-mail while you’re at it!

4. Write any thank you cards that you need to send from the holidays before you forget. Your friends and family will love receiving a hand-written note.

5. Clean out your closet. If you didn’t wear it in 2015 chances are you won’t wear it in 2016. Donate your clothes to a location drop off center. Your closet will be clean and ready for a brand new year.

5 Creative Gift Basket Ideas

The number of shopping days before Christmas are quickly disappearing! If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet it’s time to make a list and get things done. Still unsure what to get those special people on your list? How about a gift basket! Keep reading to find five great themed-basket ideas that will fit anyone on your list.

1. Movie Basket – A few classic DVDs, some candy, popcorn, and a blanket.

2. Wine Basket – A bottle of red, a bottle of white, some wine stoppers, glasses and a book about wine tasting.

3. Italian Food Basket – Fresh pastas, sauces, olive oils, dipping mixes can be wrapped up in a colander.

4. Relaxing Basket -Bath salts, a bathrobe, slippers, an eye mask and a CD of relaxing spa music.

5. Coffee Basket – Fresh ground coffee, mugs, biscotti or cookies, and chocolate stirring spoons.

10 Festive Things to do in December

It’s officially December and that means a month full of friends, family, fun and cold-weather activities! Whether you’re looking for a party idea, an outdoor activity or something to entertain your kids, we have you covered with some great ideas!

1. Go ice skating
2. Host a party with a hot chocolate bar
3. Attend a holiday tree lighting
4. Drive around to look at holiday lights
5. Go sledding
6. See a holiday-themed show
7. Visit the city for dinner or shopping
8. Have a holiday movie marathon
9. Bake cookies
10. Throw an ugly sweater party

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe this Halloween

Last year we wrote a post about staying safe on Halloween. This year we want to make sure your pets are also safe! Whether you’re out trick or treating or handing out candy this Saturday, follow these steps to make sure your pets also have a great holiday!

1. Keep your candy is a safe place. Make sure it’s not left in a bowl that is close to the ground and tempting for your pet. If eaten, your animal could become very sick. To be safe, keep the Halloween treats in a seal-able bowl or on a high surface.

2. Make sure they aren’t in the yard. On Halloween night, make sure to find your pet and keep them inside. You won’t want any young kids playing tricks on your pet or feeding them candy.

3. Have a safe place for them in the house while answering the door. Whether it’s a gated room or a central space that has a door that can be closed, make sure your animal has a place to stay. Some trick or treaters may be afraid of dogs and you wouldn’t want to risk an escape.

4. Keep outdoor cats inside if possible the days leading up to Halloween and even the days after. Cats tend to be victim to Halloween pranks…especially black cats.

5. Make sure all candle-lit pumpkins are out of reach and outdoors. While you are busy answering the door you don’t want your dog or cat to accidentally knock over a candle-lit pumpkin. Stick to LED candles or flashing bulbs.